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As they say in the south, “Ya’ll come in and sit a spell” .  My name is Kim, I’m a happily married mom of 3 beautiful daughters, one is 19 and my twins are almost 17.   We life in the central valley of California.  My life isn’t typical, I’m not even sure that exists.  My wonderful creative husband of 23 years has Multiple Sclerosis or MS as well as chronic asthma and other heath issues.  My oldest daughter is 19, beautiful, creative, talented and a pretty typical young lady.  My twins are nearly 17.  they are identical and they have special needs.  They are learning disabled and function somewhere around 3-4th grade academically.  At the same time they are starting to notice boys, beginning to want to wear make up, all the typical teenage stuff.  They are loving, beautiful, clever in their own ways and creative in their own ways. One is a girly girl and one isn’t.  They are unfortunately non-verbal at school, at home they are different people little chatter boxes.  So that’s my little world.  So while this blog isn’t about all the oddnesses in my life specifically they will undoubtedly color what I write. I think there are things we miss in this hurry up world, like time to stop and observe and think about this world and the life we live in it.  So I thought I’d like to stop from time to time and share some random thoughts .   Maybe something I say will make you smile or think, and maybe you will share those with me and others that will share too.  I think we can learn from hearing each others stories and thoughts.  I don’t care if we are alike or different.  I’d like to hear what you have to say.

Two things I will not debate are politics and religion.  These are big things that build walls between people and I don’t like walls. This is not to say that I won’t write about my faith, as with other parts of my life my faith colors who I am; I hope profoundly.  But I’m not going to try to convert you or convince you that what I believe is right.  I hope you will not try to start debate either.  I would love to hear your beliefs but if we disagree lets just agree not to argue about it.

So,  thanks for stopping  by….lets talk.


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